Selling Your Practice?

Owning a hearing practice is a rewarding way of life.

You’ve created a successful business and you’ve built strong personal relationships with your patients. You have the freedom to do what you love. However, we understand that you might also be considering what’s next for you and your practice as you plan your exit strategy. When you feel it is time to reckon with the future—for yourself, your family, and your patients—Audibel is here to help. We’ll guide you through what is likely the most important personal and financial decision of your life, the sale of your practice, and help ensure a stable and secure transition into retirement. Best of all, our expert support, and proven path to maximize value, safeguards the legacy of your hard work.

Who is Audibel?

Audibel is one of the largest and fastest-growing hearing clinic networks in the country, consisting of over 1,000 corporately and independently owned clinics.

Although we are one of the largest clinic networks, the size of our network isn’t our primary focus. We instead aim to provide the best possible hearing care for each patient. As a result, we’ve designed an infrastructure that enables us to deliver on the patient’s expectations. Not only are we making a difference in people’s lives, but we enjoy doing it!

What Does the Acquisition Process Entail?

We get it — you have taken care of your community, cared for your patients and staff, have worked every free weekend to grow your business and you’re exhausted. The legacy of service and goodwill you have in your community will remain intact. If that’s what you are looking for, Audibel is the perfect next chapter for all stakeholders. Our promise is to treat you fairly as our successes are codependent. We look forward to working with you.

We will ensure that the acquisition process is effortless for you. We will work quickly and efficiently to complete the valuation and due diligence with an expert team of acquisition specialists. Audibel is not bound by the rigid structure of a publicly traded organization, which provides sellers with added flexibility and allows us to build relationships that benefit us all.

What are the Next Steps?

Leave the stress of operating a hearing practice behind and know your legacy will last. With Audibel, we offer you the opportunity to continue providing patients with quality care while enjoying an entirely new chapter of life. Selling a practice to Audibel is an exhilarating journey, with the freedom and flexibility to chart your own course. We will help ensure stability for you and your family amid uncertain times—while recognizing maximum value for the dignified life you have built.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact Audibel and ask for Zach Hammock.

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