Choosing a Professional

Why choose the right professional.

Finding the right hearing professional can be tricky. Many advertisements will only promote the price of hearing aids and some professionals only care about sales. When you walk into an Audibel clinic, you know that service and hearing precision are the focus of the team. We welcome questions and want you to feel educated and not pressured into a decision. Your hearing is too important for hard sales tactics.

Patient consultation with specialist

Long-term success

Some hearing professionals will fit patients with devices and say, “Come on back if there is a problem.” At Audibel, we take continuous care seriously. To start, there is an adjustment period that most patients experience when they first wear hearing devices. Support during this period is crucial.

Regular visits matter

Cleaning and sanitizing hearing devices at home are important, but they need a deep clean, verification and some TLC from our office to keep them running their best. More importantly, we want to ensure that your ears are doing well, staying clean of wax build up and ensuring early detection of any major issues. A few minutes each quarter brings peace of mind that you are hearing as well as you can and protecting your investment.

Patient taking hearing test

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