Hearing Consultation

Understanding the Unknown

Much like any medical consultation, our hearing consultations are an opportunity for you to meet with our professional hearing team to get to know you and the current state of your hearing. It’s an exploration into your physical ears, current audiological limitations, and a better understanding of your lifestyle. If hearing loss is detected, we will discuss treatment options that best fit your needs. If hearing loss is not detected, we will schedule annual exams to help stay proactive with your hearing health.


Physicians recommend a hearing test every year, especially after age 65, however only 28% of patients discuss or test hearing with their general physician. If it has been a while since your last test, we will help you stay on track with your hearing health.

  • Physical ear exam
  • Ear cleaning
  • Hearing tests
  • A detailed explanation of your current hearing
  • Discussion of solution/prevention specifics for your lifestyle and needs
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How Do I Know if I Need a Hearing Consultation?

The signs of hearing loss may be subtle and difficult to identify at first. It may often take years for a person to realize or admit they are experiencing a loss in their hearing. If you experience any of the following you may want to consider scheduling a hearing consultation.

You say “What?” often…

Asking someone to repeat themselves from time to time is fine, but if you must ask for frequent repetition this may be a symptom of hearing loss.

You have trouble hearing on the phone…

Occasional trouble is not worrisome, but regular difficulty hearing the other party over the phone may be a symptom of hearing loss.

You have ringing in your ears…

Ringing in the ears (also known as tinnitus) is often thought to be a sign of hearing loss or damage. Learn More About Tinnitus

You have trouble hearing in crowded environments…

Hearing loss can make it difficult to hear in group situations such as restaurants and social gatherings.

Your television is too loud for others’ comfort…

If you often turn your television to a volume others find uncomfortable, it may be a sign of hearing loss.

People have said something to you…

If friends or family have expressed concern about your ability to hear, it may be time to schedule a hearing consultation.

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