About Audibel

Our Mission

Our mission at Audibel is to serve our patients better than anyone else. Compassion and service are at the heart of everything we do because improving your hearing experience is about more than a hearing aid. It’s about a magical journey we take together; one where we learn the truth of your hearing loss – the good and the bad – and where we find innovative and imaginative means to restore the joy of hearing to you.

Benefits of the Audibel Network

Continuous Hearing Care extends beyond the fitting of a product.
Our team is highly educated and continually trained with the latest techniques.
We offer both in-office appointments, and at-home telehealth appointments at your convenience.

team approach

Latest groundbreaking technology

Over 1,000 locations nationwide for convenient help wherever you need it

A team of TeleHealth audiologists 7am – 7pm CST

Our Process

It starts with understanding your current state of hearing. We do not cut corners. Our team takes each patient through a series of physical ear exams, clean your ears, and audio tests to understand the full picture of your hearing. From there we customize a solution to fit your needs. If you do not have a loss, we will set you up with annual tests to ensure you are proactive with your hearing health. If hearing loss is detected, we will walk through the next steps and get you back to hearing your best.

Designed for you

Hearing treatment plans are as unique as you are. We fit patients with products that meet 3 criteria: 1) your physical ear shape, 2) your audiometric needs, and 3) your lifestyle. Understanding these three aspects of your life allows our professional team to find the most comfortable and personalized hearing solution for you.

Continued Care

Your hearing treatment plan consists of regular appointments that are customized to your needs. Some patients require more appointments than others based on their needs and how quickly they adapt to their new hearing aids. We will update you on your schedule as we progress. Most patients come 3-5 times in the first few months, with regular quarterly check-ups after. We offer remote and in-person appointments to meet your lifestyle needs. Continuous service is the best way to ensure you are always confident with your hearing and are hearing your best.

Collaborative Approach

Audibel is built upon the idea that a community is stronger than an individual. Our hearing treatment plans are built from collaboration with a robust team of professionals all focused on you. This group of experts build your custom treatment plan specific to your lifestyle and hearing needs, bringing you confidence and peace of mind. That is The Joy of Hearing.

Founded in Service

It all started with one man — a man on a mission to help as many people hear as possible. In 1967, founder Bill Austin found his niche skillfully crafting hearing aids. Bill Austin wanted to help people with the most challenging cases and became known worldwide for his personalized hearing care solutions and patient advocacy. Bill dedicated himself to artfully perfecting customized hearing molds for each patient and, in doing so, revolutionized hearing technology and the industry it serves.

Over the next 60 years, Bill’s company would become one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world. Along the way, his vision and philosophy attracted many like-minded hearing professionals who shared Bill’s compassionate approach. This network of professionals has become known as Audibel and today consists of over 1,000 locations nationwide, providing unsurpassed hearing care from coast to coast. 

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