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We are excited and honored that you are choosing us to help you find answers and take the first step towards the joy of hearing your best.  If you require assistance with selecting a location near you, please contact us.

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The best day to start your hearing journey is today. We are excited and honored to serve you. Don’t worry, we will make this an enjoyable process.  

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Finding hearing care shouldn’t be an annoyance or a challenge. To help this process be as convenient as possible, we have over 1,000 certified locations nationwide. Use our clinic search below to pick whichever location is best for you.

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Step 2. Schedule Online 

Click on the “View clinic” link for your chosen clinic and then click the “Schedule Appointment” link at the top of the location page to start your hearing journey. Your hearing clinic local website will help you schedule with them directly!

Step 3. Confirmation 

Once booked, you will receive a confirmation that your appointment has been made. 

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