Annual Hearing Exam

Regardless of how well you think you can hear (with or without hearing aids), an annual hearing exam is crucial for your hearing and overall health. Much like an annual physical, an annual hearing exam comprises a series of tests to chart your hearing health. These annual appointments are the best method for documenting how your hearing changes over time with proper intervention like hearing aids. 

The Importance of Annual Hearing Exams 

Understanding your hearing needs brings peace of mind to you and your family. And in order to have a complete picture of the state of your hearing, it’s important to attend annual hearing exams. Regularly charting your hearing loss and making appropriate adjustments to your hearing aids ensures you are always hearing as well as you should be. 

What to Expect at Your Annual Hearing Exam

Your annual hearing exam will include: 

  • Discussing any changes to your lifestyle that may adversely affect your hearing 
  • An ear exam to diagnose any physical problems like impaction, trauma or an infection 
  • Ear cleaning to relieve earwax impaction which can contribute to poor hearing 
  • A hearing test to document your current hearing limitations and whether your hearing has changed 
audiologist examines her patient's hears during an annual hearing exam

Furthermore, an annual hearing exam is a prime opportunity for your provider to review your hearing aids’ functionality. In addition to the above, your provider will also complete the following: 

  • Clean your hearing aids to remove any debris, earwax or moisture that may compromise the functionality of your devices 
  • Verify whether your assistive listening devices are functioning properly 
  • Adjust your hearing aids’ settings to compensate for any new changes to your hearing for optimal performance and experience 

Schedule Your Appointment with an Audibel Clinician Today 

Has it been more than a year since your last hearing exam? Don’t put it off any longer and schedule your next hearing exam today. Audibel’s network of providers are all licensed, have years of experience and are dedicated to helping their patients hear their best.  

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