Hearing Protection

Hearing loss can be a direct result of an occupation, a recreational activity, medication, illness, or too many great concerts. It is important to protect your hearing from both sustained noise and loud bangs regardless of your age or current hearing capabilities. We have a wide selection of hearing protection that will both protect your hearing, and keep you engaged in your activity. That’s The Joy of Hearing

Hearing Protection

SoundGear Phantom

The World’s first custom, Bluetooth® compatible, rechargeable hearing aid, and protection device. Enjoy the sounds of the World around you and protect your hearing from loud noises or sudden blasts at the same time.

SoundGear Instant Fit Industrial

Our SoundGear Instant Fit product is the smallest and lightest dynamic electronic hearing protection and enhancement product on the market.

SoundGear Instant Fit Shooter

Our SoundGear Instant Fit product is the smallest and lightest dynamic electronic hearing protection and enhancement product on the market.

SoundGear Solid Earplugs

Custom-fit, solid non-electronic earplugs are made with super soft, medical grade high-strength silicone and provide outstanding noise protection in a variety of recreational and occupational environments.

SoundGear Filtered Earplugs 

Commonly referred to as musician or industrial earplugs, these custom-fit devices are made with medical grade high-strength silicone material that lessen all frequencies rather than just low-and mid-range frequencies.

SoundGear High Frequency Noise Filters

Commonly referred to as “Hocks Noise Breakers”, these custom-fit, non-electric devices are made with medical grade, high-strength silicone material.

Types of Hearing Protection

Being exposed to loud noise is dangerous for your hearing. Sound-induced hearing loss is one of the leading causes of hearing loss, and it can be prevented. 

Recreational hearing protection 

Many loud hearing environments are recreational based. If you are an avid hunter or shooter, or enjoy concerts, we have hearing protection designed for you. Our products will not only protect your hearing but enhance your experience. Imagine trap shooting with your friends while holding a conversation or safely hearing every note at a concert.  

Occupational hearing protection 

Many jobs require being around noisy environments or in some cases loud sudden noises. Not only do you need hearing protection designed for your environment, but it also needs to be comfortable and reliable. Our hearing protection is designed for all-day wear and you will also enjoy added benefits like music streaming or clear communications. Many employers offer a coverage plan for hearing protection.  

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