Hearing Services

Hearing Your Best Starts With You.

To truly hear your best, our team needs to understand your current hearing situation. Our professionals utilize physical ear exams and audiological tests combined with getting to know your lifestyle and what listening environments you live in. Each patient receives a custom treatment plan consisting of regular visits based on your needs. Some people require more appointments than others and some appointments are available remotely. We will update you on your schedule as we progress. Most people come in 3-5 times in the first few months, with regular quarterly visits after. Here is what to expect at each appointment.


Dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience possible.

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Hearing Consultation

Get to know you and the current state of your hearing.

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Quarterly Hearing Check

Quarterly deep cleanings at our clinic will keep your devices working well.

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Annual Hearing Exam

Our annual exams help us track any changes in your ear and hearing.

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Hearing Aid Repair

Our team of experts can help clean, maintain, and repair your devices.

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Hearing Aid Wearer Assistance

Servicing All Hearing Aid Brands

We don’t care where you got your hearing aids; if you bought them online, at a big box retailer, or from another hearing specialist. We are here to answer questions, help fit or troubleshoot your hearing aids and show you how well they help you hear.

Continuous Care

What separates Audibel from other hearing professionals is our dedication to your continuous care.

Your first visit is the start of a life-long promise to help you hear your best. Always. Through regular quarterly check-ups and annual exams, we monitor any changes to your hearing and keep your ears and devices clean and accurate. All the guess work and unknown are gone. Just confident, joyful hearing through our dedication to you.

Patient consultation about hearing aids with specialist

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