Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories Great for Everyday Use

October 17, 2023 0

Hearing aids have made major strides over the years, developing from simple sound amplification devices into advanced systems for communication enrichment. Thanks to the power of Bluetooth technology, you can now elevate your auditory experiences even further with wireless hearing aid accessories.  

For people with hearing loss, these tools make daily interactions and activities even easier. Bluetooth hearing aid accessories not only enhance your hearing experience but also provide a level of convenience and adaptability that can significantly improve your overall quality of life.  

Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories that Make Everyday Tasks Easier 

Bluetooth hearing aids can seamlessly connect to a variety of wireless accessories that can enhance communication, improve hearing clarity, and simplify everyday tasks. With these wireless accessories, you can stream sound directly to your hearing aids from devices like your mobile phone, television, or computer. They can even amplify specific voices of people you’re having a conversation with. 

Below, we list some of the most widely used wireless hearing aid accessories and explain how these tools can help improve daily life for people with hearing loss.

Wireless Hearing Aid TV Streamer

Audibel wireless hearing aid TV streamer

One of the earliest signs of hearing loss often shows up during those cozy moments watching TV with loved ones. People with hearing loss frequently turn up the volume on the television to levels that can sometimes be uncomfortable for others. However, even at these loud volume levels, they are still unable to clearly understand the dialogue.  

Scenarios like this are all too common, which is why many hearing aid wearers use Bluetooth accessories like the Audibel Wireless TV streamer. This wireless tool delivers audio directly to your hearing aids and allows you to adjust the volume independently from the television. This ensures you can clearly hear all your favorite movies and shows without needing to turn up the volume to a level that may be too loud for other people. Better yet, not only can you easily stream audio from your TV, but you can also connect to other electronic audio sources as well.

The Audibel Wireless Hearing Aid TV Streamer offers many features and benefits including: 

  • Connect to televisions, stereos, and other Bluetooth-enabled audio devices 
  • Effortlessly stream crystal-clear sound directly to your hearing aids 
  • Adjust the volume of the audio in your hearing aids without affecting the TV volume 
  • Easy-to-use controls allow you to readily connect, disconnect, and adjust volume settings 
  • Supports both digital input and analog input sources 

At the mere push of a button, you can enjoy crystal clear audio directly from your hearing aids for a streamlined entertainment experience.

Wireless Hearing Aid Table Microphone

Audibel wireless hearing aid table microphone

When listening and communicating become daunting tasks, the value of your hearing aids can become immeasurable. To give your hearing aids a leg up in particularly challenging listening environments, the Audibel Wireless Table Microphone is the perfect solution. Whether at family gatherings, work meetings, or in busy restaurants, this hearing tool helps overcome obstacles like distance or background noise that can make listening in noisy places or crowds extra difficult.

This discreet wireless microphone is actually equipped with multiple directional microphones located around the entire circumference of the device. Each microphone can auto-detect voices coming from specific directions while also blocking out distracting background noise. This allows you to focus on a singular voice with enhanced clarity, making it easier to listen and engage with people even in loud and crowded environments.

Some of the many features and benefits of the Audibel Wireless Hearing Aid Table Microphone include:

  • Eight built-in directional microphones with auto-detection technology
  • Enhanced speech clarity coupled with background noise suppression
  • Three adaptive modes: automatic, manual, and surround
  • Easily-to-use touch keys to adjust volume, mode, and direction
  • A 12-hour battery life, that only takes 2 hours to fully charge
  • Multi-functionality as a TV streamer or body microphone

Simply place the wireless microphone on a table or other flat surface to amplify the voice of the person speaking and stream it directly to your hearing aids. This wireless hearing aid accessory is not just a tool; it’s a bridge to a world of clearer, more inclusive communication in both social and professional settings.

Wireless Hearing Aid Clip-On Microphone

Audibel wireless hearing aid clip on microphone

For people with hearing loss, daily one-on-one conversations can feel like a puzzle with missing pieces, especially in noisy places. In these moments, when your hearing aids could use a boost, the Audibel Wireless Hearing Aid Clip-On Microphone can help you fully engage in these conversations again.

This clip-on microphone discreetly attaches to the clothing of the person you’re talking to, sending their amplified voice directly to your hearing aids via Bluetooth technology. You can even connect to Telecoil, and FM systems, or use the line-in port to stream audio from virtually any device with a headphone jack.

The Audibel Wireless Clip-On Hearing Aid Microphone offers even more features and benefits including:

  • Small and discreet design
  • 60-foot operating range
  • Enhanced speech clarity and background noise suppression
  • Easy and fast charging with a micro-USB charging cable
  • LED light battery and connection status indicator

Whether you’re struggling to hear over the hum of the road while driving, or over the hustle and bustle of a public space, this clip-on hearing aid microphone ensures you catch every word, whisper, and laugh from the people you love most.

StarLink Wireless Hearing Aid Remote Control

StarLink wireless hearing aid remote control

Hearing is not just about sound; it’s about connection, understanding, and the beauty of shared moments. For those with hearing loss, hearing aids are invaluable tools that restore that connection to the soundscape of your life. Now, with the StarLink Hearing Aid Remote Control, you can enhance that connection even further.

The StarLink remote elevates the control you have over your hearing aids, allowing you to discreetly adjust settings without missing a beat. With large, tactile buttons and easy navigation, you can make volume adjustments, enhance sound clarity, and move between various listening settings —all with a press of a button.

Some of the amazing features and benefits of the StarLink Hearing Aid Remote Control include:

  • Easily and discreetly adjust the volume of your hearing aids
  • Seamlessly adapt to any environment by switching between preprogrammed listening settings
  • Instantly achieve the best sound clarity for your current environment with Edge Mode+
  • Optimize sound quality in noisy environments with the Comfort Boost feature
  • Turn tinnitus stimulus on and off in your hearing aids
  • Start or start wireless audio streaming at the press of a button

With the StarLink Hearing Aid Remote, the power of customization and control is at your fingertips. With this wireless accessory, you can enjoy greater adaptability in your hearing aid performance, allowing you to fully engage in every aspect of life.

Find the Best Hearing Aid Accessories for Your Needs, Lifestyle, and Budget 

Modern hearing aids are more advanced now than they’ve ever been, and with the right accessories, you can enjoy even more control, adaptability, and performance power. At Audibel, our hearing care specialists are here to help you find the best hearing loss solutions to support your needs, lifestyle, and budget.  

Find a clinic near you today and take control of your hearing health for years to come. 

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