How Do AI Hearing Aids Work?

January 29, 2024 0

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing more than just the tech industry; it’s also redefining the possibilities of personalized hearing loss treatment. The integration of AI technology within hearing aids provides a new level of sound clarity combined with innovative user-centric features all designed to provide the most personalized listening experience possible. In this guide, we explain how AI hearing aids work, and break down some of the core technologies that make these devices so revolutionary. 

The Technology Behind AI Hearing Aids 

AI hearing aids use artificial intelligence to dynamically adapt to an ever-changing sound environment. They use advanced algorithms to learn from your daily interactions, offering a truly personalized hearing experience tailored to your specific needs. Instead of simply amplifying noise, AI hearing aids are designed to adapt to your surroundings and prioritize the sounds you want to hear.  

While the technology behind AI hearing aids may sound complex, it can be broken down into three core components, all of which you likely interact with every day. Below, we look at how each of the three aspects of AI technology work together to provide a more personalized and hassle-free hearing experience. 

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to advanced computer systems designed to complete tasks that typically require human intelligence. AI can enable computers to do many complex things such as learning, problem-solving, natural language processing, and more. 

Although this concept may seem complicated at first, AI has been around for a long time, and you probably already use it on a regular basis without even realizing it. In fact, virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa all use AI algorithms to understand and respond to questions, provide assistance, and perform tasks.  

Machine Learning 

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At the core of artificial intelligence is machine learning, which is a type of software that teaches electronic devices to analyze data and recognize patterns on their own. Instead of being told what to do, the program creates rules to follow (algorithms), which enables these devices to constantly adapt and change to enhance their performance.

The same way online stores like Amazon use machine learning to recommend products based on your wish lists and past purchases, AI hearing aids use the same algorithms to adapt your settings to your preferences. 

Deep Neural Networks (DNNs)

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Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) are essentially just more advanced computer learning algorithms designed to mirror the way the human brain functions. In fact, DNNs can process information and recognize patterns even faster than a lot of people.

Using DNNs to understand and interpret visual information, platforms like Facebook can automatically recognize faces in photos and suggest you tag the person. Similarly, AI hearing aids can recognize and amplify specific voices of people you know using DNNs with advanced sound processing and noise reduction algorithms. 

What Do AI Hearing Aids Do?

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AI hearing aids have many easy-to-use features and design perks like long-range Bluetooth audio streaming and long-lasting rechargeable batteries. However, their functionality and performance benefits don’t stop there. Not even close. 

AI hearing aids are designed to provide the most seamless listening experience possible, by adapting to specific situations, based on your unique hearing needs and preferences. Better yet, the more you wear them, the better your AI hearing aids will work for you. So, what does all that mean, exactly? 

Below, we list the key functions and capabilities of AI hearing aids and the incredible benefits these devices provide.

Automatic Adjustments Based on Listening Environment

AI hearing aids use sophisticated algorithms to continuously analyze the sounds happening around you. These hearing aids are then able to make setting adjustments to optimize the sound quality to suit your listening environment. Remarkably, these adjustments happen automatically, requiring no effort on your part. 

The outcome is nothing short of extraordinary—clearer, more distinct, and more true-to-life sound quality than ever before. For example, in a bustling restaurant or lively party, AI hearing aids continuously adapt to suit what is going on around you. As ambient noise fluctuates or you transition between different spaces, your hearing aids swiftly adjust settings to ensure a consistently enhanced auditory experience. 

These advanced AI hearing aids stand alone as the sole devices capable of this innovative and transformative sound processing, setting a new standard for hearing loss care. 

Automatically Switch Modes Based on Location 

With some AI hearing aids, you can create highly customized listening modes and “geotag” them to specific places. These modes allow you to assign personalized hearing settings to specific locations, which are automatically activated when you arrive there. For instance, you may set different listening preferences for home, work, or a favorite restaurant, and your AI hearing aids will instantly switch modes as you walk through the door.

This means your hearing aid settings adapt effortlessly to different environments, ensuring an optimal auditory experience tailored to the places you frequent the most. 

Recognize and Prioritize Important Voices

AI-powered hearing aids go beyond traditional speech recognition. Using advanced algorithms, these devices can identify and prioritize specific voices, automatically enhancing their clarity, even in noisy environments. Imagine the way you instinctively refocus your attention when you hear a familiar voice – AI hearing aids replicate this by automatically focusing on the source of the sound. 

This remarkable feature, combined with cutting-edge noise reduction technology, not only significantly improves speech clarity but also provides a more natural and personalized listening experience. The magic lies in continuous learning; AI hearing devices constantly adapt based on your interactions and surroundings, refining your settings to precisely match your needs. 

Track Health and Wellness Metrics

Not only do AI hearing aids excel at improving sound and speech clarity, but some also include exclusive health-tracking features. By having built-in health monitoring capabilities, these AI hearing devices make it easy for you to keep tabs on your daily activity levels and set personalized fitness goals. 

Now you can easily monitor your personal health trends like your heart rate and daily step count, and even share this data with your healthcare providers. For anyone seeking a comprehensive solution to both hearing and health needs, AI hearing aids are indispensable. 

Fall Detection and Alerts

In addition to health tracking, some of the most cutting-edge AI hearing devices incorporate another crucial feature: fall detection. This innovative technology utilizes built-in sensors to identify sudden changes in movement or orientation that may indicate a fall.

What makes these AI hearing aids truly exceptional is their ability to automatically alert someone on your behalf, ensuring timely assistance if it’s needed. This fall detection feature is exclusive to only the most advanced devices like the Intrigue AI hearing aids and adds an extra layer of safety as well as peace of mind for individuals and their loved ones. 

Real-Time Language Translation 

With exclusive AI hearing aid apps like Thrive Hearing Control and My Audibel, some of the most state-of-the-art devices can now translate languages in real time. These cutting-edge features can instantly translate up to 27 languages into the dialect of your choice and play it directly to your hearing aids.

This groundbreaking AI hearing aid technology offers a level of convenience and accessibility that goes beyond traditional communication enhancements, by breaking down language barriers altogether. 

Virtual Assistant

Using state-of-the-art voice recognition and language processing technology, some AI hearing aids are compatible with apps that include virtual assistant features. Just like talking to an Alexa or Siri, you can use your voice to adjust your hearing aid settings, set alarms or reminders, ask questions about hearing topics, and so much more. 

These smart assist features are also incredibly easy to use; just speak naturally, ask what you need, and let your virtual hearing aid assistant take care of the rest. 

Demo AI Hearing Aids for Free at Any Audibel Hearing Clinic  

AI technology has redefined hearing loss care, providing the highest degree of clarity, comfort, and convenience available today. AI hearing aids go beyond traditional devices by adjusting to different listening scenarios, reducing background noise, and prioritizing the sounds and voices you want to hear.   

When it comes to finding the best hearing aids for your needs, the care specialists at Audibel are here to help. Visit any of our hearing clinics located across the Nation to experience the power of AI hearing aid technology for yourself.  

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