Hearing Aid Technology that Can Help You Communicate 

May 30, 2023 0

Hearing aid technology is more advanced than ever before, allowing you to take control of your hearing health and easily engage with the world around you. An estimated 50 million Americans suffer from some level of hearing loss. Struggling to fully hear conversations can lead to feelings of depression or isolation. In addition, untreated hearing loss has been linked to greater instances of dementia in older demographics. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most groundbreaking hearing aid technology that can help you hear more clearly and help you communicate in a wide variety of environments and situations.  

Hearing Aid AI Technology 

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enhanced many areas of our lives and helped to make giant technological leaps possible. AI technology also vastly increases the effectiveness of hearing aids, providing more communication tools, and a higher quality of life day to day. With sophisticated AI technology, there’s no more fiddling with controls to adjust to various listening environments. 

Intrigue AI hearing aids, in the ear and behind the ear models with logo

Intrigue AI 

Similar to the way our brain fills in the gaps of what we see, our brain fills in the gaps in what we hear. What if you had an artificial intelligence to help with that, to make those “guesses” more accurate? This is where the Intrigue AI hearing aids come in. This cutting-edge AI technology makes more than 80 million adjustments per hour to automatically and effortlessly improve your hearing.  

Hearing Aid Apps for Your Smartphone 

With a variety of hearing aid apps available, smartphone users can enjoy additional features, and user-friendly controls to adjust their hearing aids and get more out of them. One of the most popular features is the ability to stream phones calls and hear audio from smartphones and other digital devices directly into the hearing aid. With virtual assistant technology, you can even set reminders, monitor health activities, and translate languages in real time. Here are three Audibel hearing aid apps that make communication and navigating a busy lifestyle easier. 

My Audibel App 

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Exclusively for Intrigue AI hearing aids, the My Audibel app is designed to make day-to-day communicating easier than ever before. With the My Audibel app, you get easy-to-use features to help you communicate and get more enjoyment from daily activities, with:  

  • Streaming phone calls 
  • Audio entertainment streaming  
  • Real-time language translation 
  • Smart assist for setting changes and reminders   
  • Fall detection and automatic alerts 
  • Personal health monitoring 
  • TeleHear remote video appointments 

Hear Share App 

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For folks who have health issues that put them at risk of falls or medical episodes, the Hear Share app can increase confidence and independence, while also providing comfort for those who care for them. With Hear Share, you can share helpful information like your physical activities, hearing aid usage, and social engagement with pre-selected people. You decide what to share and with whom, with the click of a button from your smartphone app.  

Hearing Aid Technology that Helps You Hear Even Better 

In addition to AI, scientific advancement in hearing aid technology also extends to their sound processing power. Many hearing aid devices now have the ability to filter out extraneous noises for more clarity, and directional microphones to help you hear in noisy environments.  

Directional Microphones  

One of the first and most groundbreaking improvements to hearing aids technology has been the introduction of directional microphones. Without directional microphones, many of the other hearing technologies listed here wouldn’t even be possible. Directional microphones allow the hearing aid wearer to adjust the aids to amplify sounds in a specific direction and block out ambient noise so they can easily hear people talking in loud environments.  

Digital Signal Processing 

Digital signal processing has been around for a while, but it continues to evolve and improve. Traditionally, analog hearing aids only amplify the sound waves. Digital hearing aids, on the other hand, convert sound waves to digital signals, creating a more accurate and detailed representation of sounds. With digital signal processing, hearing aids can address specific types of hearing loss and automatically adjust to suit specific sounds and environments.    

Advancements in Noise Reduction 

Noise reduction technology is what goes to work on those mappable digital signals. It filters or reduces the sounds that are making it harder to hear the conversation on which you’re focusing in loud environments. Hearing aids use digital noise reduction algorithms to achieve this goal.  

Wireless Hearing Aid Accessories that Help You Communicate 

One of the biggest advancements in hearing aid technology has been the integration of wireless capabilities. What follows are some of the most popular wireless hearing aid accessories, available now at Audibel hearing clinics across the nation.  

Hearing Aid Remote Control  

With a wireless remote, you can adjust the volume, select the listening environment, or select other pre-set options with big, easy-to-use buttons. You can make quick and discreet adjustments to your hearing aid, even while the remote is still in your pocket, without missing a beat of the conversation at hand.  

Wireless Hearing Aid Remote Microphones 

Wireless hearing aid microphones are the perfect accessory to give your hearing aid a boost in difficult hearing environments. Various wireless remote microphones are available to help you hear more clearly in specific situations from large gatherings to more intimate one-on-one conversations. 

The remote microphone helps overcome distance and background noise, which can make listening in crowds or other noisy places difficult. The microphone picks up on the person you are interested in hearing and sends their voice directly to your hearing aids in a way that the hearing aid alone cannot accomplish.

Table microphone

One such remote is a small puck-like device, Audibel’s table microphone, which has eight directional microphones around its perimeter that can auto-detect voices around the table. You can also select which directions, voices, you want to focus on. The audio is seamlessly streamed into your hearing aids. These devices can make engaging in meetings, family gatherings, and in noisy restaurants much easier.  

There are also discreet, clip-on, versions, worn by the people you’re having trouble hearing. These clip-on mics are perfect for one-on-one conversations in noisy environments. 

Wireless Hearing Aid TV Streamer 

It can be hard for people with hearing loss to hear their favorite home entertainments at a volume that’s comfortable for their housemates. With a wireless TV streaming device, you can connect your television, stereo, or other audio device directly to your Bluetooth hearing aids. You will be able to clearly hear all the dialog and every nuance of the music directly from your Bluetooth hearing aids at the push of a button. These devices have excellent sound quality, are simple to set up and use, and work with analog and digital input sources.   

Find Personalized Solutions for Your Hearing Loss and Lifestyle 

With so many ways that hearing aids can help you engage with others and the joys of hearing, they are much more than hearing aids. They are a gateway to increased engagement with the soundscape of your life, and help you communicate and interact in ways that people without hearing aids cannot. If you’ve thought about having your hearing checked, or wondered if there are better hearing aids out there now, than the ones you’re using, now is your time. Seize the day and expand your world with the latest in hearing aid technology. It all starts with an appointment with a hearing healthcare professional.  

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