10 of the Coolest Hearing Aid Features Everyone Should Know About

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In recent years, hearing aid technology has made major strides, ushering in a new definition of clarity, comfort, and customization. From Bluetooth connectivity to artificial intelligence, many modern prescription hearing aids are equipped with features and amenities that not only enhance performance but also promote a higher quality of life altogether. In this guide, we highlight some of the latest and greatest hearing aid features available today and the incredible benefits they provide. 

Best Hearing Aid Features for Enhanced Sound Quality

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Today’s customizable hearing aids are equipped with advanced features that go beyond basic amplification. These technological marvels are designed to improve sound clarity in a way that meets your specific hearing needs, allowing for an enhanced and personalized auditory experience. 

Noise Reduction 

In noisy environments such as crowded restaurants, busy streets, or bustling offices, loud sounds, and background noise can make it especially difficult to hear. These unwanted noises can mask or drown out desired sounds like conversation and important auditory cues. Luckily, many prescription hearing aids come with advanced noise reduction features to help you hear more of the sounds you want and less of the noise you don’t. 

How it Works

Hearing aid noise reduction technology can minimize unwanted background noise. Using multiple microphones and sophisticated algorithms your hearing aids can analyze incoming audio and differentiate between desired sounds, such as speech, and the undesired background noise. The desired sounds are amplified, and the static sounds are suppressed. 


With this noise reduction technology, you can enjoy a more seamless, natural listening experience without being interrupted by unwanted background noise.  

Speech Enhancement 

Hearing loss often makes it challenging to comprehend speech, especially in noisy environments with lots of background sounds. This can lead to difficulties in communication and social interactions, which can significantly impact personal and professional relationships. This is why many modern prescription hearing aids are equipped with advanced speech enhancement technology designed to provide clarity even in loud environments.  

How it Works 

Hearing aids with speech enhancement features use advanced algorithms and digital signal processing to optimize audio signals, filtering out unwanted noise and emphasizing speech frequencies. Using advanced software, these devices can analyze even the smallest variations in sounds, such as pitch, duration, and spectral qualities to distinguish the sound of someone talking from unwanted noise. This entire process occurs in real-time, adjusting sounds almost instantly for improved speech clarity in many common environments.  


Hearing aids with speech enhancement features can significantly improve many daily communication challenges. Speech clarity ensures you can actively follow and participate in conversations at home, during social gatherings, in professional settings, and more. 

Adaptive Directional Microphones 

Traditional hearing aid microphones typically pick up sounds from all directions evenly, making them less effective in selectively isolating and enhancing desired sounds. Adaptive directional microphones on the other hand, can selectively amplify sounds coming from a specific direction, while also minimizing background noise from other directions. 

How it Works

Adaptive directional microphones replicate the way our ears naturally focus on a singular sound in loud environments, such as a person’s voice. These advanced hearing aid microphones use algorithms to continuously analyze your acoustic environment, adjusting the sensitivity and directionality accordingly. This automatically prioritizes sounds such as someone talking, while minimizing interference from surrounding background noise.


Adaptive directional microphones in hearing aids enable you to have clearer, more seamless conversations, even in loud environments. This advanced hearing technology can help to isolate and amplify the voice of the person/people of interest speaking directly surrounding the user, while also minimizing the surrounding noise or chatter even if multiple people are talking at the same time.  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Traditional hearing aids that function primarily as sound amplification devices often fall short of providing optimal performance in certain situations and environments. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI), hearing aids can now analyze sounds and environments faster than our brains and adapt in real-time, optimizing device performance seamlessly and effortlessly. 

How it Works

AI hearing aids use advanced algorithms to learn and adapt to your specific needs and preferences. These devices analyze your acoustic environment in real-time, automatically adjusting your hearing aid settings to optimize sound quality, enhance speech clarity, reduce background noise, and more.


Hearing aids equipped with AI technology can make millions of adjustments every hour, providing advanced performance that is personalized to your exact needs and lifestyle. Better yet, AI hearing aids are continuously learning from your interactions and environment, so the more you wear them, the more personalized your listening experience becomes.

Best Hearing Aid Lifestyle Features

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Modern proscription hearing aids are more than just sound amplifiers; they are multifunctional tools designed to complement and enrich your daily life. The following are some of the best hearing aid features designed to enhance daily experiences, and ultimately elevate your quality of life.  

Bluetooth Connectivity 

Like playing music from your smartphone through a wireless speaker, many of the devices we use every day can connect to each other to provide additional convenience and functionality. Bluetooth hearing aids are no different.  

Many prescription hearing aids now feature Bluetooth connectivity so you can effortlessly connect your hearing devices to your smartphone, tablet, TV, and other wireless accessories, and stream audio directly to your ears. Bluetooth connectivity also enables you to use your hearing aid with various smartphone apps that allow you to optimize your settings, track usage and battery life, and more, all directly from your phone. 

How it Works

Bluetooth hearing aids use short-range wireless technology that allows electronic devices to connect to each other without the need for wires or cables. Pairing your hearing aids with other Bluetooth-enabled devices like your smartphone is incredibly easy, and typically only requires a simple press of a button.


Bluetooth hearing aids offer a range of advantages that not only enhance your user experience but also improve the functionality of your hearing devices and other electronics as well. You can answer calls, listen to music, enjoy audio content, and much more, all directly through your hearing aids.  

When you connect your hearing aids to compatible smartphone apps, you can adjust settings remotely, check battery life, monitor device usage, and more. These Bluetooth hearing aid features help simplify daily tasks, and even make leisure pursuits more enjoyable, contributing to an improved quality of life overall.

Custom Programs 

While many hearing aids come with helpful pre-programmed settings, these default programs can fall short of meeting your unique needs in certain environments. Custom hearing aids address this by offering highly personalized programs to suit your specific needs in the more challenging hearing environments and situations you encounter every day. 

How it Works

Custom hearing aid programs allow your care provider to tailor your device’s performance to support real-life circumstances that are the most challenging for you. Using sophisticated software, hearing care specialists can create custom programs with highly fine-tuned parameters such as amplification, noise reduction, frequency response, and more.


Custom hearing aid programs deliver a range of advantages that can significantly improve your hearing experience and contribute to a more personalized hearing loss treatment. If default hearing aid settings fail to meet your needs in certain environments, consider consulting your care provider about hearing devices with custom programs.  

Rechargeable Devices 

Disposable hearing aid batteries require regular replacements, which can start to feel like an inconvenience after a while. Rechargeable hearing aids are a convenient solution that eliminates the need to replace batteries altogether. 

How it Works

Rechargeable hearing aids feature a built-in battery that can be easily charged using a charging dock and cable. Instead of constantly replacing the battery after your hearing aids run out of power, simply plug them in overnight and your devices will be fully charged and ready to use again in the morning.


One of the primary benefits of rechargeable hearing aid batteries is convenience. Instead of constantly buying and replacing disposable batteries, you can simply recharge them as needed. This saves time and money and eliminates the need to always carry spare batteries or the worry of experiencing unexpected power loss.   

Best Hearing Aid Features for Overall Health and Wellness

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Many prescription hearing aids offer advanced features that not only enhance your auditory experiences but also contribute significantly to your overall health and wellness. The following hearing aid features provide more comprehensive control of your hearing health and broader wellness concerns as well.  

Health Tracking 

Hearing health and wellness go hand and hand. Many hearing aids are compatible with smartphone apps that have health and wellness features to help support an active lifestyle. These features enable you to monitor your health by tracking activities, setting wellness goals, and so much more. 

How it Works

Hearing aid apps like Thrive Hearing Control, My Audibel, and Hear Share are extremely user-friendly, and allow you to easily track your daily health vitals, activity levels, fitness milestones, and more. Simply download the app on your smartphone or tablet, and the app will provide you with easy-to-follow set-up instructions.


Health tracking features provide insights into key health metrics and a holistic understanding of your overall wellness. These hearing aid apps also support you in making informed lifestyle choices, contributing to a more proactive approach to your own health management. 

Fall Detection 

Maintaining safety and well-being is a paramount concern for anyone, particularly those who may be vulnerable to falls. Prescription hearing aids with fall-detection features use advanced sensors to identify and alert emergency services in the event of a fall.  

How it Works

Hearing aids equipped with fall detection technology utilize built-in sensors to detect sudden changes in movement or orientation indicative of a fall. When a fall is detected, these advanced hearing aids can trigger alerts, notifying your caregivers or emergency first responders for assistance if needed.


Fall detection can provide an added layer of safety and peace of mind for individuals with hearing aids. The timely alerts generated by the fall detection feature can facilitate swift response and assistance, contributing to a sense of confidence and well-being for hearing aid wearers, loved ones, and caregivers alike. 

Remote TeleHear

Accessing timely and convenient hearing aid adjustments or consultations can be challenging for some people, particularly in remote or underserved areas. Hearing aids with Remote TeleHear features allow you to connect with your hearing care specialist without the need for an in-person visit. 

How it Works

With Remote TeleHear, you can consult with your hearing care provider virtually. You can share health information, receive adjustments, and troubleshoot issues with your hearing aids, all without having to go into the hearing clinic.


Remote Telehear features offer a transformative approach to hearing healthcare. You can enjoy the convenience of virtual consultations, reducing the need for travel and providing timely access to professional guidance. This feature promotes proactive and continuous hearing care, ensuring that you have greater access to the support of hearing care professionals, regardless of your physical location. 

Explore the Latest Hearing Aid Technology at an Audible Clinic Near You 

Today’s hearing aids are equipped with a treasure trove of amazing features designed to improve not only your hearing experience but your quality of life as well. From advanced noise reduction to Bluetooth connectivity and more, these devices can enhance your daily life and help you rediscover the joy of hearing. 

When it comes to finding the best hearing aids for your needs, the Audibel hearing care specialists are here to help. We provide the highest quality care to all our patients and want to empower you to make informed decisions about your health. Visit any of our clinic locations conveniently located across the Nation to experience the power of the latest hearing technology for yourself.

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