How Do I Use My Hearing Aids with My Smartphone? 

May 20, 2024 0

If you’re ready to experience a whole new level of convenience and control with your hearing aids — keep reading. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about how to use your hearing aids with your smartphone. We’ll cover what Bluetooth hearing aids are, how to pair them with your smartphone, some of the latest apps and features available, and the benefits they provide.  

Using Bluetooth Hearing Aids with Your Smartphone

Many prescription hearing aids that are available today come with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing them to work seamlessly with your smartphone. This opens a world of possibilities, from streaming phone calls and music directly to your hearing aids to real-time language translation with just a tap of your phone screen. 

Bluetooth hearing aids have built-in wireless technology that allows them to seamlessly connect to other compatible electronic devices, such as your smartphone. Once paired, you can then stream audio directly to your hearing aids and enjoy the many benefits that come with wireless connectivity.

Smartphone Compatibility

Today, most smartphones are Bluetooth-friendly, but not all phones and hearing aids can connect to each other. For instance, only Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids can connect to smartphones. Additionally, your smartphone will also need to have compatible software with your hearing devices, as well as the most up-to-date operating system. 

So, before trying to use your hearing aids with your phone, you will need to confirm that they are compatible. This information is generally available online and in your user manuals.  

How to Pair Your Hearing Aids with Your Smartphone

To use your hearing aids with your smartphone, you’ll first need to wirelessly connect them to each other via Bluetooth. This is also referred to as wirelessly “pairing” them. This process is straightforward and only needs to be done once. After your hearing aids and smartphone are paired, they will automatically connect whenever they are both powered on and within range of each other.

Pairing your hearing aids with your smartphone is simple. For specific pairing instructions, refer to your hearing aid manual, as the process will vary for different devices.

The steps below provide a typical step-by-step overview of how to pair your hearing aids with your smartphone:

1. Turn your hearing aids on and put them in pairing mode (Refer to your hearing aid manual to learn how)

2. Open the settings on your smartphone and enable Bluetooth

3. Once your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled, a list of compatible devices should pop up automatically

4. Select your hearing aids from the list and they should pair with your mobile phone instantly  

Ways to Use Your Smartphone with Your Hearing Aids

An older man wearing a Bluetooth hearing aid looking down at his smartphone pairing them together via a wireless Bluetooth connection

Smartphones have become powerful tools to enhance many aspects of daily life, and wearing hearing aids is no exception. By connecting your hearing aids to your smartphone, you can unlock a world of new possibilities.  

Read on to discover all the ways you can use your smartphone to unlock the full potential of your Bluetooth hearing aids. 

Utilize Hearing Aid Smartphone Apps

There are tons of helpful smartphone apps you can use with Bluetooth hearing aids. Many apps enable you to use your mobile phone as a remote control for your hearing aids, allowing you to adjust your listening settings. Other, more advanced smartphone applications offer innovative features like fall detection, hearing aid self-diagnostic tests, and so much more.

Here are the latest smartphone apps available for Audibel hearing aids users:

  • Thrive Hearing Control: Fine-tune your hearing aid settings, track health metrics, and enjoy the convenience of Smart Assist features, all at the tap of your screen. 
  • My Audibel: Experience a new level of hearing control, fitness tracking, real-time language translation, and many other life-enhancing features. 
  • Hear Share: Track your daily physical activities, hearing aid usage, and social interactions, and even share health data with medical professionals and/or caregivers. 

Smartphone apps like these turn your hearing aids into multifunctional tools that enhance your hearing, provide a holistic approach to overall wellness, and ultimately elevate your quality of life.

Stream Calls and Audio Directly to Your Hearing Aids 

Bluetooth hearing aids enable you to transmit just about any audio you want from your smartphone directly into your ears. You can answer phone calls, stream music, eBooks, movies, television programs, and more, all directly through your hearing aids. This gives you the freedom to enjoy your favorite audio entertainment at a comfortable volume for your needs, without the worry of it being too loud for others. 

Streaming audio from your phone to your hearing aids also provides ultimate sound and speech clarity. With wireless connectivity, every time you use your mobile phone, you can enjoy a more natural and uninterrupted listening experience that only your prescription hearing aids can provide. 

Optimize Your Hearing in Different Environments

By leveraging your smartphone connection, you can unlock even greater control over how your hearing aids perform in various environments. Many hearing aids allow the user to engage different programs for different environments like quiet settings, noisy restaurants, or outdoor spaces. Using your smartphone, you can easily switch between these programs, ensuring optimal sound quality and clarity for the situation at hand.

Oftentimes, you can also fine-tune your settings, adjusting volume, noise reduction levels, microphone directions, and more. This empowers you to tailor your listening experience to your specific needs everywhere you go. 

Use Smart Assistant Features 

With certain smartphone apps like My Audible App and the Thrive App, your hearing aids can become even smarter thanks to virtual smart assist features. Using simple voice commands, you can adjust your hearing aid settings, set event reminders, and even get answers to common hearing aid troubleshooting questions. This functionality is particularly helpful if you prefer hands-free control or have dexterity differences. 

This integration not only provides daily convenience but also allows for discreet control, allowing you to make setting adjustments with a simple voice command. By leveraging the power of smart assistant, you can stay connected and in control of your listening experience and streamline your daily routine.

Find Your Misplaced Hearing Aids 

If you’ve misplaced your hearing aids before, you’re not alone. That’s why select hearing aids now come with a “Find My Hearing Aids” feature accessible through a smartphone app.

Applications like the Thrive App offer help in locating misplaced hearing aids by utilizing an easy-to-use proximity signal. When enabled, your mobile phone will act as a signal detector that will indicate a stronger signal the closer you are to your hearing aids. This ingenious technology offers peace of mind by helping you locate your lost devices quickly and easily.

Track Activity and Health Information 

Certain advanced hearing aids like the Intrigue AI and Arc AI contain built-in motion sensors that can track your daily activity levels. When paired with smartphone apps like Hear Share, your hearing aids can now act as fitness trackers, providing valuable insights on important health metrics like: 

  • Steps Taken: Monitor your daily step count and set personalized goals to stay motivated and improve your overall fitness. 
  • Activity Levels: Track your overall activity level throughout the day, identifying periods of movement versus rest. This can be helpful for setting realistic daily goals or gauging your overall energy expenditure. 
  • Engagement Time: Some apps can differentiate between active listening time (engaged in conversation) and quiet listening time (focusing on surrounding sounds). This data can be insightful for monitoring your social interactions and potential cognitive health. 

Seeing these wellness metrics all in one place can encourage healthy lifestyle habits and can also be shared with your healthcare provider to help assess your unique wellness needs.

Automatic Fall Detection and Alerts

Falls can be a serious concern for anyone, especially for individuals with balance concerns. Thankfully, some of the latest AI hearing aids use built-in motion sensors to offer fall detection features. These sophisticated motion sensors can detect sudden changes in body position and movement.

The system analyzes this data using advanced algorithms to differentiate between a fall and everyday activities like bending down or sitting abruptly. If a fall is detected, the corresponding smartphone app can trigger an automated alert for help. This alert is a pre-programmed message that is sent to your designated emergency contacts (family members, caregivers). 

This allows for a swift response to ensure your safety and well-being, as well as peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.

Translate Languages in Real Time 

Exclusive smartphone applications like the Thrive app can translate foreign languages in real time. When the program is enabled, you can automatically translate what is being said as the person is talking. The app will display a written translation on your mobile phone and even play it audibly through your hearing aids. 

 Whether you’re traveling or conversing with a new friend, you can now enjoy clear, seamless conversations in up to 27 languages. 

Run Diagnostic Tests on Your Hearing Aids 

Many of today’s prescription hearing aids are marvels of technology, but like any electronic device, they require routine maintenance. With the integration of certain smartphone apps, corresponding hearing aids can now run self-diagnostic tests. With a few taps on your smartphone screen, you can initiate a diagnostic test and have results often within minutes, all in the comfort of your own home.

Regularly running diagnostic tests allows you to catch minor problems early on, potentially preventing them from requiring more extensive repairs later. By addressing minor issues promptly, you can also ensure your hearing aids continue to deliver the best possible listening experience. 

Experience the Latest Hearing Aid Technology Firsthand at an Audible Clinic Near You 

Connecting your Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids to your smartphone can allow you to unlock a new level of personalized hearing loss care. From crystal clear audio streaming to advanced features like health and safety monitoring, today’s hearing aids can significantly help improve your daily quality of life.  

When it comes to finding the best hearing aids for your needs, the Audibel specialists are here to help. Visit any of our hearing clinics located across the Nation to experience the power of the latest hearing aid technology for yourself.

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