Do AI Hearing Aids Have Virtual Assistants?

June 25, 2024 0

Imagine being able to adjust your hearing aid settings or get answers to common hearing aid questions – all with just your voice. Well, with artificial intelligence (AI) you can. AI hearing aids with virtual assistant capabilities offer an extra layer of convenience and control over your listening experience. Read on to learn about AI hearing aids and the life-changing potential of voice-controlled hearing assistance.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant, also known as a voice-activated assistant, is a software application powered by artificial intelligence (AI). These virtual aides understand spoken instructions and can perform tasks or provide information based on what you ask them.

You are likely already familiar with some of the most popular virtual assistants like Alexa or Siri. These AI helpers are built into electronic devices like cell phones and tablets. Using simple voice commands, you can have them perform tasks like telling you the weather, making hands-free calls, playing your favorite music playlists, and more.

This same smart assistant technology is now compatible with some of the most advanced AI hearing aids available today. Below, we explore how hearing aids use virtual assistant technology to bring a whole new level of functionality and personalization to your hearing experience.

AI Hearing Aids and Virtual Assistant Technology

In recent years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) with hearing aids has redefined hearing loss treatment. These advanced devices use AI algorithms to continuously analyze your environment and automatically optimize your settings to suit your surroundings.

AI hearing aids also come with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing them to wirelessly connect to your personal electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and more. This unlocks a world of new possibilities, including tons of helpful smartphone apps that you can use with your hearing aids.

Some applications allow you to use your smartphone as a remote control for your hearing aids. Other AI hearing aid apps offer innovative features like fall detection, health tracking, and virtual assistant features.

AI Hearing Aid Apps

A screenshot of an AI hearing aid virtual assistant smartphone app demonstrating how to use voice commands to adjust your hearing aid settings, set reminders, and ask questions and get answers.

Smartphone apps designed for AI hearing aids offer a wide range of features that make hearing loss treatment more personalized and hassle-free. For example, the Thrive Hearing Control app and My Audibel app both offer virtual assistant features and many other life-enhancing amenities. 

  • Thrive Hearing Control: This AI hearing aid app uses Intelligent Assistant features to help you troubleshoot problems and find answers to common questions about hearing aids and accessory issues.
  • My Audibel: This app has AI-powered Smart Assistant capabilities that let you adjust settings, set reminders, ask questions about hearing aid topics, and more–all with just your voice. 

What Can AI Hearing Aid Virtual Assistants Do?

AI hearing aids with virtual assistant capabilities can transform your daily life. With AI-powered apps like Thrive and My Audibel, you can ask questions and have the answer play directly through your hearing aids – but that’s not all. Let’s take a closer look at some of the incredible ways AI virtual assistants can enhance your hearing experience every day. 

Control Your Hearing Aid Settings

One of the most convenient features of AI hearing aid virtual assistants is the ability to adjust your hearing aid settings with your voice.  With a simple spoken command like “mute my hearing aids,” the virtual assistant feature can adjust the settings to mute the sound playing through your devices. 

This level of hands-free control ensures you can effortlessly adapt your hearing aids to any situation, maximizing your comfort and enjoyment in every environment. 

Ask Questions and Get Answers

AI virtual assistants offer a valuable source of on-demand information. By leveraging a built-in knowledge base, you can get answers to common questions and troubleshoot hearing aid and accessory issues at home.

You can ask questions like, “How do I customize my hearing aid settings?” and get an immediate answer. This on-demand access to knowledge empowers you to manage your hearing health more proactively and make informed decisions regarding your hearing loss care. 

Set Alarms or Reminders

AI hearing aid virtual assistant features can also help you stay on top of important tasks and streamline your daily routine with discreet and personalized reminders. With a simple voice command like “Remind me to take my medication at 5:00 pm,” your AI assistant will send a gentle alert directly to your hearing aids at the time you specified. This ensures you won’t forget about important errands or tasks, even in noisy environments.

Whether it’s remembering to walk the dog or make a phone call, this virtual assistant feature can empower you to manage your own schedule with confidence. 

Find the Latest AI Hearing Aid Technology at an Audibel Clinic Near You 

AI hearing aids with virtual assistant capabilities have redefined personalized hearing loss care. You can simply ask a question, state a command, or request a reminder, and your AI-powered virtual assistant handles all the rest.  

When it comes to finding the best hearing aids for your needs, the care specialists at Audibel are here to help. Visit any of our hearing clinics located across the Nation to experience the power of the latest hearing aid technology for yourself.

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